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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Floyd Fairness Fund

During the final week of the Tour de France, I published my initial doubts about the "science" accusing Floyd Landis of doping. All evidence since then reinforces my doubts.

Ultimately it all comes back to character: Do you believe the man or not? The evidence of doping that they have, alone, isn't convincing, but it would be consistent with doping. Lots of guys have gone to the mat lying. Floyd could just be one more.

I just don't think he is.

And now I know it. Because I don't think it's possible anyone, even Richard Virenque, would form a legal defense fund taking money from elderly cycling enthusiasts like me just to reclaim a ride in the pro peloton. If Floyd had doped and had created this fund... well, nobody is that low. If you doubt his word now, you are saying, Yes Hugh: He is THAT LOW.

I gave. I think it's important. It's really important that the innocent get off, if we're going to have faith in the convictions of the guilty.

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Anonymous said...

I know I'm two years+ too late, but good for you! I just finished Floyd's book POSITIVELY FALSE and I am more than ever convinced of his having won le Tour CLEAN. I am so sorry all this had to happen to him and his family.