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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

We're Writing Hardware

Using statically typed languages, we're constructing hardware, not software, says Steve. A great rant. Let me extend the analogy. Think about the bullet points they used to sell object oriented programming back in the 80s: "Hardened components", "Reusable". These qualities are the opposite of dynamic.

Wait! There's an alternative!

Common Lisp is in many ways really ideal: it's a dynamically typed language with optional type annotations (i.e. you build software, then selectively turn it into hardware), lots of great tools and documentation, all of the essential features of living software I've enumerated in this essay... However, it has stopped growing, and programmers can sense momentum like a shark senses blood.

Oh man. Don't give up on the old girl. The Lisp Renaissance is happening all around you. We have the popular book; now we just need the Django/Rails thing.

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