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Sunday, June 18, 2006

But is it enterprisey class?

Via Alex Russel, who calls attention to Sun's Project Phobos:

The goal of Project Phobos is to show that Java is an excellent platform for server-side scripting, allowing dynamic-language developers to leverage the power of Java SE and EE. The initial focus for Project Phobos is JavaScript, but the design supports the use of other dynamic languages as well....Project Phobos attempts to learn from Rails, but is not limited to the use of any particular programming language and may prove to have a different sweet spot

I checked... the word "enterprise" does appear on that page, but only in the breadcrumbs (" Projects > java-enterprise > enterprise-incubator > phobos).

Rich JavaScript Apps

Two developments are really going to accelerate rich Javascript web apps -- they sure have around here...

1. Dojo is a framework for building js + html + css widgets. A widget ends up looking like this in your html:
<div turboalign="left" dojoType="TurboSplitter"></div>

That is a splitbar widget from TurboAjax, who extend the Dojo framwork, and it really is that simple to put a sliding splitbar on a web page.

2. Google has open sourced Excanvas. This is a one line include that lets you script the <canvas> element in IE. <canvas> is an element available in Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and now standardized by whatwg, that lets you script vector drawing primitives. Excanvas just implements all the Canvas apis in VML. Finally, a unified model for vector drawing!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

IT Consultants Underestimate the Long Tail. Again.

From Marketplace's story on Google Spreadsheets:

I.T. consultant Gerald Murphy won't recommend it to his clients....
GERALD MURPHY: The only people I think this would have any applicability at all to are very small companies that have extremely limited budgets who wanna pay no money at all.

Um, yeah. Sorta like the way Adwords lets all these very small companies advertise for pennies.