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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rich JavaScript Apps

Two developments are really going to accelerate rich Javascript web apps -- they sure have around here...

1. Dojo is a framework for building js + html + css widgets. A widget ends up looking like this in your html:
<div turboalign="left" dojoType="TurboSplitter"></div>

That is a splitbar widget from TurboAjax, who extend the Dojo framwork, and it really is that simple to put a sliding splitbar on a web page.

2. Google has open sourced Excanvas. This is a one line include that lets you script the <canvas> element in IE. <canvas> is an element available in Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and now standardized by whatwg, that lets you script vector drawing primitives. Excanvas just implements all the Canvas apis in VML. Finally, a unified model for vector drawing!

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