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Monday, January 29, 2007

Wait, *my* new publishing technique is unstoppable

[updated to correct an omission in POST description]

Bill outlines the conventional Atompub publishing pattern. I'm pitching this one:

GET Introspection URI

scan the list of workspaces for the collection you want to post the blogpost to. This list is not an Atom service document, but a microformat outline e.g. XOXO. (The Atompub WG considered and dropped using XOXO).

GET to Collection URI

read the nice atom feed

GET the "New Entry" URI from either the service doc or the feed doc.

Retrieve an XHTML microform describing how to construct a POST message

POST to the blogpost's collection URIthe action URI of the form.

push a blogpost formatted as a nice atom entryas URL-encoded form data.

GET or HEAD to blogpost URI

grab the blogpost

PUT or DELETE to blogpost URI

change or delete the blogpost

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