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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Check your DNS

Dan Kaminsky has published a widget you can use to test your DNS server for the cache poisoning design flaw. You know, the one that allows a malefactor to send your PayPal requests to their own fake servers? The one that doesn't require any vulnerability on your computer, just the standard, unpatched DNS server that you use?

Both my home and business ISPs failed the test. I followed Dan's advice and pointed our routers to OpenDNS. I guess it's a good day to be an investor in OpenDNS. Except I can't figure how they're going to execute on their plan to serve me ads via DNS. Anyway, this is their moment of glory, and they seem to be holding up under the load. If Dan has any stock in OpenDNS, that would be clever of him. I am not suggesting he does. Unless it turns out that he does. Then in that case, I am suggesting it retroactively, and don't say I didn't tell you so.

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