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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hardly any near death experiences

The Hardy upgrade went... ok. Better than the upgrade to Gutsy, at least --the initial boot this time at least got me to an X, if only in 600 x 800 mode.

So you don't have to read to the end, here's my helpful hint to you this upgrade cycle. If you're having trouble with your nVidia: after you upgrade, use Synaptic to uninstall your old restricted drivers packages (in my case, for kernel 2.6.22), and select the new ones (for kernel 2.6.24) which, in my case at least, were not selected after the upgrade.

Only after you do that, and reboot, can you see the new nVidia driver in the System/Administration/Hardware Drivers applet. This used to be called the Restricted Drivers Manager and all the online docs still refer to that. But Hardware Drivers is what you want. Go there and do what comes naturally.

Last night I was finally able to get Update Manager to connect and start downloading files. I let that run overnight -- it took 6 hours or so to download everything, presumably because of the tremendous load on the U.S. Ubuntu server.

This morning, I awoke to find it paused in a dialog. Just a warning that it was about to clobber my modified mime.types. I answered OK. It proceeded a little, displaying the progress in a little terminal window. I noticed some interesting progress output, and started editing some notes. At one point, I selected some text in the terminal window, and copied it. Using Ctrl-C. Who would have thought the goddamn terminal window was accepting keyboard input and processed the interrupt. So immediately I get three alerts warning that it could not complete the emacs/ede/eieio installations becuase it had received an interrupt. Yesterday I predicted the emacs upgrade would fail, but I didn't mean to fulfill my own prophecy.

It seemed to continue from there almost without trouble -- but at the end it complained it could not upgrade the update-manager. Ironic, isn't it? And at the end of the install it displayed a scare alert: "Your system may be unusable". Nice. Bravely, I rebooted, and found myself in 800 x 600, but at least with an otherwise stable system.

After some flailing I discovered the secret sauce to getting nVidia working again. And all systems are now go!

I wonder how Mark Pilgrim's mom and dad are doing?

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