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Saturday, November 03, 2007

I was just thinking that!

I've been working on the technology requirements for a "rich web application". All the pieces are in place for a cross platform solution. With Javascript, HTML, SVG, and CSS, you can build a pretty rich application without resorting to JavaFX, AIR, Flex, Silverlight, Click Once, or Web Start.

All the browsers support JS, HTML, SVG and CSS. Except one. Per Rob Sayre:
If Microsoft were really interested in making life easier for web developers, they could do so, without a standards committee. They would need to fix the (nasty) bugs in IE’s JScript engine, implement SVG, implement canvas, implement more of CSS, support a standard event model, and on and on. Then, the behavior of IE would be a lot closer to Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
It's no secret Microsoft doesn't see an advantage in a web built on cross platform technologies. I'm not very sure about Adobe, either.

Why should we, as a a software company, invest in technology from companies that are actively working to subvert what we want to do?

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