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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Oracle acquires Sleepycat

I lost a whole day today because a Berkeley DB file hit 2^31-1 bytes, jamming our subversion repository. That's when I discovered svn has migrated to using its own fsfs filesystem (we skipped two svn revs).

Then at the end of the day we get the news: Oracle acquires Sleepycat, maintainer of BDB, as part of its continuing rollup of open source (InnoDB, Sleepycat) and small private (Times Ten) database providers. I'm no fan of Sleepycat, and I admire Oracle DB; but this is giving me the creeps.

Dear Hugh,

I'm pleased to announce today that Sleepycat Software has been acquired by Oracle.

By joining the leading database company in the world, I expect that we will be able to serve our customers and the open source community better. With the additional expertise, resources and reach of Oracle, we'll be able to accelerate innovation, offer you greater choice, and provide more complete solutions. For Oracle, we fill a gap in the product portfolio for high performance embedded/edge databases, an area which we believe is a significant and growing opportunity....We look forward to working with you as part of Oracle!

Mike Olson
Vice President, Oracle
Former President and CEO
Sleepycat Software

Nice job change, Mike.

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BK said...

Hey - re: Subversion. I'm not sure if you saw this release from CollabNet but Sleepycat recently helped the Subversion team fix their implementation of BDB.